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This last semester I took a product development class. The first week of class, we were divided into design teams and given the task to design an improved model of a Hitachi impact driver such that it would fill some unmet market needs.

My design team decided to create a new cordless hand power tool capable of drilling holes, driving screws, and hammering nails, all with a single device. The operating function is changed simply by changing from a drill or screw bit to a specially designed hammer bit. After creating our design, we had to manufacture a functional prototype, which actually works surprisingly well!

The technology we developed is pretty cool (if I do say so myself :) ). It changes from a rotational motion to a back-and-forth hammering impact just by changing the bit. The Technology Transfer Office at BYU has started the process of filing for a provisional patent and then they will present our design to manufacturers. If any of them bite, we’ll work out a licensing deal for them to lease our technology.

Hammer-Drill Video Demonstration on YouTube

It has been a really fun project to work on! I learned a lot, and am really excited and happy about our results!

Hammer-Drill Storyboard

For my C++ programming class this semester (Me En 570), I made a Tetris game. It has both a one-player and a two-player modes, music, sounds effects, and even a Google-O-Meter that indicates who’s winning!

My Tetris game in two-player mode

My Tetris game in two-player mode

Click here to download and start playing the game. It’s been a lot of fun to create, and I’ve really enjoyed it.

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