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2012 Iowa GOP Caucus and Google Fusion Tables API « Travis V. Anderson

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2012 Iowa GOP Caucus ResultsWhile watching the results from the nail-biting 2012 Iowa GOP Caucus come in, I became frustrated with how long it took news sites to update their tallies after the state GOP updated their results with the latest counts.

Doing some research, I discovered the Iowa state GOP released their results to the public by updating a Google Fusion table. Unfortunately, especially in such a close race, there was a pretty significant delay (at some points, as long as 20 minutes) before news sites wouldn’t update the tallies they were reporting. So half-way through the evening, I decided to build a quick website that would pull the results straight from the source—The Iowa GOP—in real time (well, I guess it would refresh every 10 seconds). Here is the result. It’s not much to look at, but I only had about an hour to do it, and it was my first forray into the Google Fusion Tables API.

Written by Travis Anderson on January 4th, 2012 , Software Development Tags: , ,